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Wish you could buy NZ made... but everything in the shops seems to be from overseas?  We set up this site to help you find the quality New Zealand made goods (and services) you've been searching for.  We've scoured the shops and combed the internet so you don't have to.

Where can you start ?
In our house we started with the mortgage since that's our largest regular expense.  About four years ago we switched to a New Zealand owned bank and we've been very happy with that decision.  Next we'll be looking to move our kiwisaver accounts :-)
Groceries were the next large, regular item that we thought we could use to do our bit for the country.  We are really lucky that our local growers market is simply fantastic and we get most of our fresh food from there.  We shop at a New Zealand owned supermarket for the rest, we carefully read the labels of everything and if there is a New Zealand option we always choose that even if its a few cents more.

Rather than book a trip overseas we use the money we would have spent on airfares (and lost on the exchange rate) to have a wicked NZ holiday.  Whether its bungee jumping and skiing in Queenstown or lying on a beach in the Bay of Islands there's plenty to see and do in New Zealand.  While we're on holiday we buy New Zealand clothes and jewelery, drink New Zealand wine, read New Zealand books, see New Zealand movies - you get the picture.

Why New Zealand made?
New Zealand made tends to be better quality, it may cost a little more but it lasts longer and does the job better so it turns out to be better value.  Our daughter's gumboots are a perfect example of this.  We found that the "made in China"  gumboots lasted about 2 or 3 months before the rubber cracked and they leaked like a sieve.  But for an extra $2 we got the lovely bright purple "NZ made" ones.  They lasted two winters for one daughter and then the second daughter used them for winter number three! 

 Buying NZ products and supporting NZ businesses is a great way to keep NZers working in these uncertain times.  The jobs that you help keep in the country could belong to your friends and family... or my friends and family come to think of it.

  Buying NZ made is good for the environment, it takes a lot of fossil fuels to move stuff around the globe.

  Backup sales and support - when the cheap stuff from overseas falls apart it is nearly impossible to get spare parts to fix it, but in New Zealand our companies usually  offer great after-sales support if something needs repair or replacement.

We believe that buying kiwi made is a great way to turn this little country around.  We hope you'll join us, one purchase at a time.

cheers Phil and Kaz. 

                             P.S.  Please take a look at our latest home-grown website for Northland.
It's all about keeping it local!
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